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EMDR Consultancy for Clinicians

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EMDR Consultancy for Clinicians – NOT AVAIL

NOT ACCEPTING NEW CONSULTEES – Please refer to the EMDRAA website for an alternate list of Consultants. 

Dr Julie-may Brown is formerly an approved EMDRAA Consultant, and former member of the EMDRAA Standards and Accreditation Committee.


EMDRAA Accreditation

Following completion of basic training, practitioners are encouraged to work towards Accreditation through further consultation. Accreditation is awarded based on competency in all areas of basic EMDR practice.  Accreditation requires one year of practice post-basic training, a minimum of 25 EMDR sessions (5 of which must have completed Phases 1-8), and a minimum of 10 hours clinical consultation with an EMDRAA Accredited consultant.  The consultant is also required to review you your practice either in person or via video. Applications for Accreditation are  reviewed by the EMDRAA Accreditation Committee.  EMDR Accredited Practitioners, are recognised not only having completed Basic Training, but as successfully completed peer review and regarded as proficient EMDR practitioners.


EMDRAA Consultants

EMDRAA Approved Consultants undergo an intensive peer review process and must achieve ongoing professional development objectives regarding their proficiency to provide EMDR trainees and clinicians with guidance regarding EMDR protocol and standards. To be a consultant, clinicians must have 3 years experience in providing EMDR after the completion of their basic training, attend Consultancy Workshops, and also be registered with EMDRAA as an Approved Consultant.

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