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Telehealth & Skype Sessions

Telehealth refers to a videoconference consultation involving communication between yourself and your clinician using both a video and audio connection e.g. Skype.  Julie-may provides this service Thursday each week.


Both former and new clients are welcome to utilise this service. Some private health funds support online Psychological Sessions regardless of your location.  You are encouraged to check with your provider regarding their policy.

To be eligible to receive Telehealth services under Medicare (rebate of $124.50); you must:

**Eligible regions are those classified as 4 to 7 by the Modified Monash Model of geographical classification. Enter a postcode into the interactive map on this website to find the classification of a particular location: doctorconnect.gov.au/internet/otd/publishing.nsf/Content/MMM_locator

How many treatment sessions can be accessed?

You can receive up to 10 sessions with a mental health professional per calendar year.